Norwood Royal Cigars

Norwood Royal Cigars provides one of the largest selections of cigars and accessories within Chicagoland area.  We are dedicated to providing an enhanced cigar experience for all our customers.  We know that if our customers come to our store, we will be able find them the perfect cigar for their experience as well as developing an understanding of our customers cigar palates.  Accessories are a vital component of the cigar experience and our team will guide you to picking the appropriate tools of the cigar experience.

Our brick and mortar company is a family owned and operated enterprise for the last 18 years.  Cigars have come a long way in the last 18 years however, what hasn’t changed is that cigar smoker new and aficionados expect to have great customer service.  This includes understanding the characteristics of cigars that our customers are looking for.  Whether it the construction of a cigar the ring gauge or particular brand of cigars.  Even the type of wrapper, binder, and filler play an important part of this selection.  We also educated our customers with new products and happenings within the cigar industry.

Another aspect that customers will find very appealing about Norwood Royal Cigars is that they will obtain tremendous value been purchasing cigars and accessories.  Our Rewards program allows customers to obtain vouchers based of previous purchases that can be used as discounts for future purchases.   We also host events at least once monthly sponsored by various cigar manufactures and brands.  During these events customers can receive even greater value through manufacturer sponsored pricing, free cigars and swag.  During events there are giveaways and raffles that provide customer chances to win even more great products.  One gets to meet fellow cigar enthusiasts through the events as well making a wonderful social experience.

We have no doubt that customers will enjoy all that Norwood Royal Cigars has to offer.  We also would like to thank all our past, current, and future customers for their continued support.  It is our honor to help you find the cigars and accessories that will provide maximum cigar experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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