Camacho BXP Connecticut

Camacho Connecticut BXP Gordo


Camacho Connecticut BXP
Gauge: 60
Length: 6
Price Retail: $10.99 USD
Strength: Mild to Medium
Environment: Lounge
Temp Indoors: 69 outdoors indoors 49 Humidity: 76%
Lighter: Butane 
Smoke Time: 1:40 minutes
Cutter: Straight Cut


Box pressed, Connecticut, even pack, seems visible 


Woody, fruit, spice
Camacho BXP Gordo First


Slight cream, red/blackpepper, cedar, citrus.
The first third of the Camacho is taste despite being a lighter smoke. There is a red pepper and black pepper playing tug of war on the palate. The aroma is almost fruity in nature on the citrus side. The flavors that come through are cedar like with a citrus like cream. The burn is even and construction is solid. The draw is open and smoke output is through.


Perfume like aroma Citrus is more orange like, black pepper, red pepper, woody, sugar cane juice,
The flavors are more richer in the second half. More orange cream, sugary taste as if having sugar cane juice. The pepper is still red pepper with black pepper lingering. There is also an unknown flavor making it’s presence known. The aroma is like a sweet perfume. Draw is open with lots of smoke. Construction is still perfect.


Cedar wood, citrus sweetness, pixel stick sweetness, black pepper, slight cream,
The last third of the cigar has brought in a very wooden cedar feature that blends in nicely with the citrus, paper and creamy undertones of the cigars. The smoke has developed to be more of a citrus in aroma character. Construction and burn has been perfect. The cigar has not gotten hot at all. Overall impression is that this is a very good cigar to smoke daily.  This Camacho Connecticut BXP Gordo can be a finger burner. As always each cigar has its merits!

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