Fratello Oro Gordo


Fratello Oro

Gauge: 60

Length: 6

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut 

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Long Fillers

Price retail: $11.49 USD

Strength: Mild – Mild to Medium

Flavor: Mild to Medium

Environment: Lounge

Temp indoors: 42outdoor/indoors 73 Humidity: 95%

Lighter: Butane 

Smoke Time: 1:32 minutes

Cutter: Straight cut

Construction: Cylinder Parejo, Even Pack, Softer Pack, Brown light fall wheat color Seams Slightly Visible and slight tooth.

Prelight Aroma: Woody and Sweetness

Wrapper: Hay, Barn Yard, Leather

Foot: Wood and Leather

Prelight Draw: Spice, Leather and Sweetness

1st Third


Smoke Aroma: Barnyard

Flavors: Spice almost red pepper, Sweetness green grape, Heavy cream sweetness, Leather.

In the first third the Fratello Oro has an almost white or green grape like sweetness with red pepper and creamy texture to the smoke. The sweetness lasts until next puff as well as black pepper. There also a candy like anise flavor on the top of the tongue. Burn is even and self-correcting. Construction so far is perfect. Draw is open and effortless.

2nd Third


Smoke Aroma: Barnyard

Flavors: Sweet cream, Slight pepper, Cream, and White grape after taste.

A stronger barnyard and leather come into play as well as creamy textured smoke. The sweat cream remains and lingers until next puff with black pepper. The anise flavor has mellowed but followed by a light lilac flavor and aroma. It can be almost perfume like. Construction is solid and self-correcting. Draw remains open.

Last Third


Aroma: is almost perfume like.

Flavors: Sweetness almost candy like, Light cream, White/black pepper, Barnyard, and Leather.

The sweetness is almost candy like as the last third begins. The cream is still there and the pepper that lingers is changing to white pepper. Leather and barnyard trade places.  The flavors overall are balanced and pronounced. The construction still remains flawless and the cigar burns evenly without getting too warm.

Finger Burning

Final Comments

This is definitely a box worth smoke if you are looking for a nice Mild to Mild/Medium smoke. Great for a morning smoke with your favorite coffee. Grab one cut it, light it, and enjoy the full procession of flavors. The Fratello Oro is a cigar that can be called a finger burner where one can smoke it to the end of the cigar.

Palate Note

A note on flavors presented and tasting of cigars on your palette. The flavors presented come from my smoking experience in these reviews. You will most likely notice more or less flavors in this cigar as well as others. There is a variety of factors that play into the taste of cigars. Temperature, Humidity, Tobacco, Storage, and mood to name a few of these. Also to keep in mind, the type of lighting method you use will completely change your smoking experience.  Do not feel as a cigar smoker that something is off if you are not tasting all these flavors. There are times that you will be smacked out of the blue with a flavor you never thought you would be able to taste in a cigar.  Each cigar smoking experience is unique and delightful. So please smoke on and see if you can taste the essence of each puff.

PuroPaulie “The Smokiest Desparado” Signing off.

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