Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon First 3rd


Just bought a few sticks of Southern Draw cigars from Norwood Royal Cigars. Currently smoking the Rose of Sharon toro 52×6 soft boxpress.

Cutter: Vcut
Lighter: Butane torch

Predraw: Espresso, cocoa, honey, wood, red pepper.

1st Third: Lots Red Pepper, Floral, Black Tea, Honey cocoa, Honey, Peanut (Peanut Butter), Creamy, graham cracker, slight citrus, and coffee.

Very flavorful cigar from the beginning red pepper flavor is pretty strong and remains. The flavor left on your tongue is sweet and creamy. The other flavors hit on the retrohale. Burn is very even and self corrects. Draw is open.


2nd Third: Red Pepper remains, Floral, lots of Peanut flavor, Creamy, Honey, Coffee/Cocoa remain in background.

In the second half most of the flavors remain, very smooth cigar. Creamy and a sweet nuttiness remains on the tongue. More of a floral like component comes in on the retrohale. As well as a tea flavor. There is noticeably less red pepper. Draw remains open, and cigar is still self correcting.

Rose of Sharon Last 3rd


Final Third: Coffee, Bread, Peanut, Caramel, Salt, Black Pepper, and Cream.

Floral notes very present. Still very smooth and creamy. The red pepper becomes a black pepper. Burn is perfect.

Overall very smooth medium strength, with full flavor cigar. Very in line with botique cigars. Highly recommend!

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