Macanudo Inspirado Red Gigante

Macanudo Inspirado Red Gigante Start

Specifications: Macanudo Inspirado Red Gigante

Gauge: 60

Length: 6

Wrapper: Ecuador Havana Ligero

Price retail: $8.49 USD

Strength: Medium to Full

Flavor: Full

Environment: Lounge

Temperature: 58 outdoor/indoors 68 Humidity: 30%

Lighter: Butane 

Smoke Time: 1:51 minutes

Cutter: Straight cut


Cylinder Parejo, Ecuador Havana ligero Even Pack, Wrapper Brown, and Red Hues, Seams Slightly Visible.

Prelight Aroma

Wrapper: Hay, Barn Yard, Wood, Leather

Foot: Sweet Blackcherry, Earth, Peat

Prelight Draw

Woody, fruit, spice

1st Third


Taste: Strawberry, White Pepper, Black Papper, Sweet Tart, Earth, Peat

Smoke Aroma: Hickory Camp Fire

The first third of the cigar has a lot of interesting flavors not typically found together. There are different types of earth, peat, and barnyard. Followed by different spices including white pepper and black pepper. Through retrohale strawberry and tart cherry mixing in. Leaving a sweet tart flavor until next puff. The burn is uneven but self correcting. Cigar is not burning hot. Overall good performance with a thicker wrapper.

2nd Third


Taste: Strawberry, Plum Sweetness, Slight Red Pepper, Caramel/Toffee, Oak Wood, Earth.

Smoke Aroma: Sweet Wood

The fruit flavors have retained the tart but with a darker sweetness remaining. Earth and sweet tartness remain. This is not your typical Macanudo it is a flavor bomb! The pepper is slight red pepper not to strong not too weak. An interesting caramel toffee flavor on the retrohale has joined. A strong oak like wood flavor is also present. Burn has completely corrected and is burning evenly. Cigar is not over heating either. Great smoke so far.

Last Third


Taste: Strawberry Sweetness, Cranberry Sweetness, Dried Apricot, Slight Red Pepper, Herbal Tea, Mint Like

Smoke Aroma: Wood

The full flavor of this Macanudo cigar continues. Definitely various berry flavors of Strawberry and cranberry are present at the final third. There is also a herbal tea like flavor on the retrohale and it also lingers on palate. The oak is in the background not very present. Earthiness is in the background as well. Still there is a  hint of mint when releasing of the smoke from the mouth. The smoke has a unique texture as well. Burn remains self correcting. The cigar is not overheating either. Definitely a unique Macanudo. 

Final Comments

Definitely a box worthy cigar. It has lots of flavors with built in transitions. It burns well and doesn’t require touch ups. It is a very nice evenly packed cigar. The draw has very slight resistance. Recommended to puff every 30 seconds to 1 minute. The nice element is the smoke doesn’t get too warm in the last third.

PuroPaulie “The Smokest Desparado” signing off

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