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To the Norwood Royal Cigar
Monthly Mail Membership!

Mail-In Membership

Thank you for joining our monthly membership. Each month we will pull together five of our premium cigars. It can be overwhelming picking a cigar, and with this membership, you get to try different cigars each month. With this membership, you have opted for Mail-In orders, which eliminates the hassle of coming in to pick up the cigars. We want to remind you that this plan does not allow for an in-person pickup, each month, we will ship them to you. You may only switch to in-person pickup at your membership renewal at the end of the 12-month cycle. 

Let's Get Started!

Please provide us with an address so we can ship your package so you can begin enjoying your new cigars!

Should you need to change addresses, please visit or call Vick at Norwood Royal Cigars.

Who Are We
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