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Don V is exclusive to Norwood Royal Cigars. The inspiration behind Don V comes from my love of the Honduran Leaf. It's a medium body that is silk to the taste and burns even to the last puff. Don V is a perfect cigar that leaves no aftertaste and can be smoked any time of the day.


Light It! Smoke it! Love it!


For those who don't know me, my name is Vick Shah. I have been in the cigar business for about 20 years. Being a passionate cigar aficionado has driven me to build my own cigar brand, "Don V." I have smoked a wide variety of cigars from all over the world. Still, I had no doubt that when I have my own line, it will be made by none other than Oscar Valladares.

A short story about how I came up with Don V - about 3 years ago, my friends, out of the blue, called me Don V and had gifted me a picture frame with that written on it. So whenever you're in the shop, look up, and you'll see the name Don V. 

Light it! Smoke it! Love it!

~ Don V


Don V

By Oscar Valladares


Origin:  Honduras 
Wrapper: Sungrown Corojo 
Binder: Honduras 
Filler: Honduras 
Maker: Oscar Valladares Tobacco & co 
Strength: medium body 
Size: Toro (6*52)


Origin: Honduras 
Wrapper: Maduro Jalapa 
Binder: Nicaragua 
Filler: Honduras 
Maker: Oscar Valladares Tobacco & co 
Strength: medium plus 
Size: Toro & Gordo

You will not find DON V anywhere else.

They are exclusively sold at Norwood Royal Cigars


DON V Review

By Joe Gulino

What Makes It Special


What better way to ring in the new year than by trying something new!? Introducing the newly released DON V exclusive cigar, by the Oscar Valladares master blenders, in collaboration with WBSE member and Chicago-based Norwood Royal Cigars owner Vick Shah...

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